Youth culture fascinates me. I try to keep up with what this generation of young people is up to and this infographic is a great example. Who would have thought that this generation is more inclined to use other means of transportation?

I’m Dutch, so I was pretty much born on a bike (and by bike, I don’t mean a motor cycle, I mean an actual bike!) and I love to see more people riding a bike instead of their cars. It’s better for the environment, it’s healthier and it’s cheaper.

When I went to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, I flew into Chicago and then took the Megabus to Indianapolis. It was cheap, it was fast and I met some great people to chat with. Also, it had wifi and I could read, two things I would have not had in a rental car.

Still, a lot of the ‘grown ups’ who heard about me using the Megabus were surprised. Marko actually said it was ‘very European of me‘. Could be. But maybe I’m just more in touch with this generation and their ways of transportation 🙂


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