First of all, I have to appreciate the wonder of the marketing campaign.

I think they were directly targeting me, and I sincerely appreciate the effort. I saw Nacho Libre while shopping at the mall, on my Xbox 360, at Angel’s Stadium and in my iTunes. I was sent email and backgrounds, given free themes and even a ringtone, too, if I wanted to use it.

Impressive, absolutely impressive.

As for the movie itself, I think it was great. I laughed out loud several times, enjoying great lines, akward situations and painfully brilliant wrestling scenes. Other people had a strong positive reaction to the film, though I’ve noticed much of the traditional critics’ pool could care less. Even watching Epert and Robert this weeked they railed on the film for 15 mnutes.

And I’ve been quoting Nacho lines all day.

The film has a great style, unique characters and plenty to laugh at. If you like Napoleon, you’ll like this. It’s not the same, and not quite as good, but Jack Black is great and I truly enjoyed it. The film’s greatest asset was Black, but perhaps he was the weakness in the end as well. Napoleon shined because he was an unknown, the entire cast wasn’t “B” List – they weren’t on ANY list! Black shines because, he’s … well, Jack Black. And while that’s fantastic, perhaps casting an unknown would have turned this into an underground hit instead of an almost-mainstream comedy success.

Still, any film that costs 25M to make and scores almost 30M in the first weekend is a smash hit. That’s like Superman Returns opening with 250M in July, and he can’t fly that high.

Go ahead, watch it, enjoy it, even tell people you like it. Don’t be afraid, it’s really a fun PG film that Hollywood needs to make more of. Well done!