///my tweets from last week!

my tweets from last week!

  • reading through #SYMC2010 twitters, very cool stuff! stuff that’s not cool: canceled flights. (BTW: I asked mish before I posted that pic) #
  • @dougfields teaching your first two years in youth ministry at #symc2010 http://twitpic.com/15glff #
  • I just saw a super hero at #symc2010 !!! http://twitpic.com/15gy5q #
  • I just discovered that my friend Jake Rutenbar has a “headshot”. The world is ending. http://twitpic.com/15h4gn #
  • RT @DougFields Remember we’ll be live at 6:00 PM CST with our Pre-show for general session 1 at http://bit.ly/93RP3r.// Eddie James and me! #
  • TheMISH was holding some jackets. A lady went up to her to chat. She began with, “are you expecting?”There R people dumber than me #symc2010 #
  • Watch general session 1 from #symc2010 in 5 minutes http://www.symclive.com/. Awesome! #
  • RT @chaddillon @mattmcgill You look totally different in person than I would have expected. #symc2010 // not sure if this is good or not 😉 #
  • In reference “to the save a wife” bit RT @jakerutenbar That really was planned late nite at Denny’s #symc2010 // it was funny!! #
  • A thought from duffy at #symc2010 — maybe it’s time to lay down a private privilage … Passion for Christ is costly. #
  • Rt DougFields: Watch Cathy and I with some of our friends talk about marriage. Http://symclive.com Starting in a few minutes. #fb #
  • RT joshuagriffin: Doors open at 6:35pm tonight #symc2010 – @jakerutenbar‘s music video kicks it off. It’ll be online immediately after t … #
  • RT joshuagriffin: 13 Minutes till the premiere of @jakerutenbar‘s new video, and don’t forget the SYM podcast live at 10:30 PM CST. http … #
  • RT jakerutenbar: Im moderating the online chat (i know this is dorky) for SYM Podcast! #symc2010 http://www.symclive.com #
  • If you’re correcting someone your don’t believe in, you’re a jerk. (there’s probably a nicer way to say that) #
  • RT @spencersweeting u know what would be innovative? a sack chair toilet! #symc2010 // agreed! #
  • #SYMC2010 has been so great! wish i had more time to meet with people! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE LAST SESSION! #
  • DougFields: Getting ready for the last session at #symc2011 Watch the session live in 30 minutes. http://symclive.com #
  • My life is complete! I met, face to face, Matty McCage!!! #
  • @cliffsun you are kind. Loved your enjoyment of the story. in reply to cliffsun #
  • #symc2010 gettn on the plane to sun shiny Cali … So great to connect with people serving Gods kingdom selflessly. #
  • Great to be home. #symc2010 #
  • WHAT a great thing to have confidence in Christ! All other things fail and fade. #
  • reflecting on ps 119 today…it’s going to take more than a day! #
  • We have the opportunity 2 B BLAMELESS, SHAMELESS, FEARLESS; able to PRAISE GOD WITH A PURE HEART >new post> http://abnormalize.net #
  • It’s a drag when we are more interested and engaged in opinion and speculation rather than truth and wisdom. #
  • RT: DougFields Getting ready for the SYM podcast. Live show starting in just a few minutes. Join us: http://www.simplyinsider.com/live #

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