///my tweets from last week!

my tweets from last week!

  • RT @ginatrapani: you know you’re working on the right thing when just reviewing your to-do list quickens your pulse//(disclosure:autotweet) #
  • Some of my most meaningful prayers >> new post >> http://abnormalize.net/ >> #
  • Just finished a book called “couples who pray” (rushnell, duart). I thought it was great for more reasons that can be explained here. #
  • Class 201 was a blast tonight. Teaching people about spiritual growth is a privilage. #
  • FOR MY MAC loving FRIENDS: looks like a cool text writer… to bad MACs are garbage http://ow.ly/1aoR8 …. KIDDING, i love macs! (bigmacs) #
  • God didn’t create us to be his toys or pets. We’re his children who are beloved&cherished. We are sons&daughters who can love him back. #
  • In the midst of pain, the sovereignty of God feels either cold or comforting. #
  • Excited to go to Chi-town for #symc2010 I’m hoping @joshuagriffin will let me guest post to his blog while I’m there. #
  • At the airport, beyond excited to get to #symc2010 I think it’s in Chicago, which may also be the name of that state. #
  • LANDED! Ready for #symc2010 Nothing makes me want to be skinny like a plane ride, but I’m always so hungry after a flight… #
  • Waiting for the shuttle… Tempted to walk… But google maps say it’ll take me an hour…which means 3 or 4 hrs http://twitpic.com/15c4u5 #
  • this is my favorite web page on the internet: http://ow.ly/1bqra #
  • @DougFields is live right now at #SYMC2010http://bit.ly/cOG1IA #
  • Stoked: I get to be a guest post on @joshuagriffin ‘s blog for the conference: http://bit.ly/yYSPG (don’t tell him I’m a little nervous) #
  • The mish on the plane! http://twitpic.com/15dycn #

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