I got nothing done in the office today.

I’m not going to lie to you, it is a little bit frustrating. I’m the kind of person if my to-do list is not completed it’s all I’m going to think about until it’s all crossed off. I love the summer. Summer time is when students are off of school and when they are not at the beach, movies, or eating they all seem to end up in my office. Most of the time they are bored and they don’t want to go home. Sometimes it’s to hang out with the staff or they are meeting someone later. But all of the time they are in my office, sitting on my couch, hacking my phone or computer and eating my snacks while I’m getting nothing done and my to-do list is growing while my time to do it is getting shorter.

But here is the best part about this entire thing.

While I’m not getting anything done, the most important thing is getting done. Relationships.

Do I have stuff to get finished and ready by deadlines? Absolutely. Do I have emails and voice mails to tend to? Of course. Do I always have time to stop and take time to spend time with the 4 teenagers that are sitting in my office? No, I don’t. So I have to stop and remind myself:

  1. My stuff can wait.
  2. Ministry is about a relationship.
  3. They could be anywhere else on their summer days but they choose to come hang out with you.
  4. God will bless this time.

As youth workers, we know investing in relationships is what God uses to open doors in students so we have the opportunity to speak truth into their lives. It’s the relationship building that allows opportunities for students to be open to hear what God has to say, through us, in theirs lives. Taking this time could be a catalyst in a student’s relationship with the Lord. Take advantage of this time and invest in some great relationships before the summer is over.