One of my favorite things to do before or after services is talk with students. There usually is about 45 minutes of students either coming or going and at times it can be a little crazy, but it’s when I am intentional with slowing down to stop and talk with someone that always end up some of my favorite moments.

So I started to ask this question with new students that I meet and it has been amazing! I recommend you try it. It is such a simple question, but a powerful one. What is it? Ready?

What’s your story?

That’s it. I told you it was simple. It’s amazing what you hear when you stop talking and ask a student about their story and actually listen. There are some amazing students in our ministry; in your ministry. There are some hurting students in our ministry; in your ministry. There are some stories of amazing in life change in our ministry; in your ministry.

There is power in story. We all know this as most of us teach our students with stories weekly. Jesus knew this because he taught this way. When students get a chance to share their story it is a powerful thing.

Everyone has a story. Every story is powerful. Every story is important to God.

Ask your students this question as you get the chance to sit down with them and sit back and listen, you will be amazed. I promise.