We’re excited about the new movie The Remaining. We even had one of the screenwriters on the DYM Webshow a couple weeks ago and both Doug and Matt have seen the film and had lots of good things to say about it. Up today we have one of the first reviews of the film, coming from Ciera Horton and her blog, The Write Things. Here’s a preview:



Be prepared to be scared.

Affirm Films’ revolutionary new movie The Remaining wholly immerses the viewer into the total experience of the end times. Movie-goers don’t just watch but truly feel like they are in the midst of the action along with the characters as they fight for their lives and struggle to find faith during the apocalypse. You’ll be plunged into the tribulation unlike anything you’ve encountered before.

This is one of the few Christian movies that has truly impacted me. I have thought about it, considered the possibilities of the plot and discussed it more than any movie I’ve seen in recent memory. But the reason that The Remaining is so captivating is that it speaks to multiple audiences with a singular message.

The Remaining asks the same question to both Christians and non-Christians: Do I really believe? One of the main characters was a pastor who was not raptured and who said, “Just because you have a church and a title doesn’t mean you have real faith.”

There are very few movies that can so effectively prompt viewers to consider their own relationship with God. It’s not about the theology of the rapture, but it’s about personal self-reflection.

This is a groundbreaking film for the Christian industry in that it enraptures audiences by making them active participant viewers. This movie will surely be talked about, so don’t be one of the remaining who miss out on the conversation.

Read her full review right here!