It’s a Rocky movie. And it’s the last in a storied line of films. OK, in a great first couple of films, then kinda went-down-hill-from-there line of films. Still though, you have to appreciate Rocky’s big screen success, even if you don’t full appreciate or resonate with the story.

It’s a good show – surprisingly thoughtful and emotional, that starts off a bit slowly to set up the characters then makes a strong run to the end. You can almost tell when the real movie starts. At first it felt like the film was going to be a bit too reflective, but it does eventually get away from the flashbacks and the sorrow of losing his wife and in the end while it more then nods to the past some new emotions and storylines emerged. There’s some inspirational moments, classic lines and funny quips that make it memorable – though some of the best stuff is in the trailer for sure.

All in all, a feel-good rocky movie that is a solid endcap to a great franchise. B+