I am trying to set up a system in which I am posting certain things on certain days so it is pretty regular. I’m looking that Monday’s will be a spiritual development day. Thought that might be a good thing since more the most part, we had a long weekend and starting off Monday with Scripture would be the best bet. So let’s see…

Truth is…

Everyone, and I mean everyone, hungers for God. The hunger for many is usually masked or misinterpreted in many ways, but regardless, it is there. Everyone is really close to crying out “My Lord and my God!” if only the situation has pushed them far enough past their doubts or defiant hearts. Only if it pushes them out of their ache of routines or cozy accommodations in which they have become accustomed to.

Contentment = Mediocrity

Eugene Peterson says, “There are a thousand ways of being religious without submitting Christ’s lordship, and people are practiced in most of them.”

Everyone has a hunger for God, one that is deep and insatiable, what most lack is a desire. For both Christians and non-Christians, what we really want is to become our own gods, so we may do what we want, and have other gods that are around us to help us in that to make it that way.We want to be comfortable. Content.

God does not call us to mediocrity because God is not mediocre. God is a God of extraordinary, and that is what he calls us to be.

Extraordinary love. Extraordinary faith. Extraordinary prayer.

Let’s stop being religious and start being extraordinary followers of Christ.

Read Isaiah 40.28-31