Connecting faith to life is the great challenge of youth ministry. We try hard to teach, model, and equip students to integrate their faith into school, home and all of life.

But often we see a disconnect. Life at church is different than life at school or home.

See You at the Pole provides a great opportunity to connect faith and life. As they pray publicly, students identify as believers in the midst of their peers. They demonstrate love as they intercede for the teachers and friends. They shift reliance on self to reliance on God as they call out for Him to hear and respond.

SYATP takes their faith to school and makes it public.

Many youth leaders have multiplied the impact of SYATP week by also adding The Life Book to the mix. This free tool gives students the opportunity to go beyond prayer to action as they give the gift of the Gospel to their classmates and peers.

Last year, about 2 Million Life Books were handed out by students around SYATP. There is such a powerful connection between praying for a friend and then giving them the gift of the Gospel.

God has strategically positioned students in an unreached mission field – the hallways, classrooms, lunchrooms and lives of their peers. And because they simply give The Life Book as a gift, every student in your church, from the shyest to the boldest can be involved.

Since 2010, over 28 Million Life Books have been handed out by over 2 Million student missionaries.

Imagine the Power of the Gospel in the hands of every student in your schools this fall.

Filled with interactive student comments in the margins, The Life Book is 110-pages with a short recap of the Old Testament, the entire Gospel of John in ESV, scriptural answers to issues students face, and a call to trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

No strings attached. Life Books are completely free to church youth leaders, church pastors and other church staff members. You can request your free Life Books at

SYATP is coming soon, so you might want to think about requesting some Free Life Books for your students. Give them an opportunity to put the power of the Gospel in the hands of their peers and watch God do His thing through His Word. Go to now to request your Free Life Books.