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Mariners JH Weekend in Review: Volume 6

Weekend Teaching Series: How NOT to Get Grounded (week 2 of 4)

Sermon Synopsis: This week Cooper (the JH Pastor at Mariner’s) spoke on respect of your parents and how to deal with getting grounded. He had some great verses from Proverbs as well as pulled in some other New Testament scriptures as well. Some of you have been asking how long the talks are for middle school, and each week we shoot for the 15-18 minute range in order to a) hold attention spans and b) sync up with the timing of adult services. It’s been a good mark for us to hit and amazing what can be taught/caught in that amount of time!

Service Length: 62 minutes

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: This week we started things off with the hot new Party Llama 2 countdown video, and played several rounds of Valentine’s Word Guess as well. Students were into both, but the transition video between the games and the music time was the real highlight. We can’t say too much just yet, except it will the FREE VIDEO for all level’s of DYM’s membership perks on March. Your crowd is going to love it, it was so wild and fun and EVERYONE participated. So stay tuned for that!

Music Playlist: Great Things, Reckless Love

Volunteer Involvement: We were down this weekend for volunteers and have a lot of work to do to consistently have enough leaders at tables each weekend service. Our goal is 12 per service, and give them responsilbites that are important, too. We have.a ways to go but we’re committed to it!

Favorite Moment: I (Josh) was gone this weekend to a friend’s wedding and speaking at Youth Convention in San Diego but loved how this weekend went. Parents are pumped for this series and it just demonstrates how important a felt-need topic is to both students and parents. I’m excited for this one to get to gold members in a few months, it’s turning into a great one!

Up next: How NOT to Get Grounded (week 3 of 4)

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