little mac is a monster at 10 pounds, 15 ounces. the Dr. said, if he wouldn’t have pooped before we weighed him, he’d be 11. He was 20.5 inches long. For some reason, this child actually looks like me, which is unfortunate for mac, but will only add to his mental toughness training.

Speaking of mental toughness, the mish was great yesterday. the epidural always is a drag to come down from, but yesterday she’ had the best recovery yet. Thanks to everyone who prayed (one friend came to the hospital and prayed during the surgery, so great!)  and thanks to everyone who wanted to pray (I’ve had lots of times where I wanted pray but got a little too busy).

Another notable tidbit: although yesterday was the fourth time I’ve seen Misha’s uterus flopped up on her belly (so they can sow it up), it was the first time that I realized that it looks like an uncooked turkey. I’m wondering if the proximity of Thanksgiving is impacting my objectivity. I don’t think it is.

Thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday!!

For those of you who are wondering how I’m doing (which is only natural, of course), I’d like to let you know that I’m doing “ok.” Our 13 week old and 1 year old slept through the night so that was nice. Max could only find one shoe this morning and it was 20 minutes of nightmare time. We found it, but the nightmare was that he didn’t want to wear flip flops. He said it was against the rules… I chuckled and said rules are meant to be tested (but I didn’t go into the reasons why, as he was crying) (although, of course you know, they need to be tested to see if they are wise, and for what they reveal about human nature…but that’s another blog). How I could have a child who wanted to follow the rules is beyond me. So, in light of these devastating events and revelations, you can see why I’m just doing “ok.”

I’ll post some pictures later today!