This summer in preparation for this next school year we are taking a step back to view some things going on with discipleship and evangelism within our group. Something I am looking into, reading about, talking to students upon students about is what are some reasons they love coming to our services and being in small groups and what are some things they want to change. I am talking to students about how they reach out to their friends who are far from Jesus. I am asking them if they are inviting friends to church, talking to their friends about Jesus and if not, what are the things in which is keeping them from doing such things.

When I am talking to our students and asking them questions about why or why not, I let them know that my goal is to help them to be able to do those things. I want to be able to incorporate on the whole Life Group level how we can break down walls of students who are not acting out on their faith. Asking the students what is keeping them from inviting a friend to church, praying for a friend, or telling them about Jesus. Taking a huge look inside is a huge step forward in reaching outwardly.

We are taking a huge look into our discipleship methods within our small groups and core students because then they will be able to go and reach outward to do what God calls all disciples to do: make more disciples.

Sometimes I forget how smart students can be. For some reason I try to guess what they are thinking about how and why they do something instead of just asking them. You would be surprised how open and honest they would be. Trust me, they will let you know.

I think every ministry wants to grow and go out and reach students who are far from Jesus. But before going out, take a look in and find out the “whys” of why those things are or are not happening. Ask a student. Learn. Take notes. Look in. Then go out.