Some pretty good insight in Business Week in reference to video production – I think in the student ministry context we’re always pressing for bigger and more, when maybe there’s another way. A few thoughts in making video impactful:

Understand the context. One of the best-selling books of all time, The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren (Zondervan Publishing, 2002), starts with a bold, declarative sentence: “It’s not about you.” This is a lesson more companies should learn. Super Bowl advertisers know that tens of millions of people eagerly anticipate their commercials and don’t want to sit through annoying speeches telling them how great a product or service is.

It’s perhaps odd that an advertiser–who is, after all, trying to sell something–would be expected to restrain its sales impulses. But the first rule of selling anything is to know your audience. There’s a time to ask for the order and there’s a time to build relationships.

That’s perhaps why, year after year, Budweiser and Bud Light walk away with the ADBOWL crown. The marketers at Anheuser-Busch (BUD) know that people watch the Super Bowl to have a good time, and that their desire for entertainment doesn’t pause at the commercial breaks. Any given Bud spot may not make you want to buy a beer, but no brand-building advertising works that way. What a well-executed commercial will do is create affection for a brand, and over time, that affection will pay off in increased sales. Anheuser-Busch wouldn’t have spent over $250 million in the Super Bowl over the past two decades if it didn’t.