The guys from Left Behind Games stopped by SYM this morning with a BETA build of the new Left Behind: Tribulation Force, and it looks pretty solid. I always want to qualify it within the realms of “Christian games” but I’m hoping this can transcend that, because it’s easily going to be one of the best-looking “Christian games” out there so far. Having said that, as always, there’s a whole new level above that in the real world where I hope it plays, too.

My style of game isn’t exactly real-time strategy, so I’m not as pumped as if it were more Halo-esque or something. But, the graphics are sharp, and there’s some pretty creative ideas inside. So yes, it is a Christian game at the core, but definitely with some mainstream appeal. I’m excited to see how it develops and will definitely post more about this encouter, my reaction and updates on how it is developing toward the October release.