Would you leave the house naked if you had a brand new rockin’ wardrobe? Probably not. I was watching Joyce Meyer’s bootcamp this morning and she mentioned a simple statement that really got my attention. She said many of us take an hour fixing our hair and some take 2-3 hours getting ready in the morning (that would be me:/) getting dressed, making sure they look presentable physically but those same people fail to put on their spiritual clothes. Ouch! So what she is saying is that when you get dressed physically but fail to spend time with God in the morning daily, you are actually leaving your house naked. You are not dressed in the armor of God. You are not ready for what the devil throws at you!

This is true for so many of us, including myself! I fail to get into the daily routine of seeking God first thing in the morning, to set myself up for a successful day like I once did. When you fall out of that routine you begin to suffer; in your ministry, your career, school if you go to school and even your home life (no, it’s not okay to be naked even if you are home alone:).

When you routinely spend time with God in the mornings you are setting your day up for a day of praise and you will be more able to resist temptations that come your way. You are also making yourself available to what God has set out for you by spending that time with Him. You are more in tune to where He is leading you.
So the next time your alarm goes off an hour before you are actually called to get up, GET UP! Let’s spend time with our Creator, the guy who knows all about you and I, and let’s get to know Him on a deeper lever!

Ashley Fordinal is the Children’s Church volunteer at Family Life Church in Sulphur Springs, TX.

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