Last week we launched all of our small groups for the year. This has personally been one of the most challenging things I have ever done in ministry and leadership. I have been in full-time ministry for 5 years now but this is my first year in a real leadership position and I know I’m still very “green” in leadership. I still have a ton to learn what it means to lead in any aspect. This week marks the end of a season in which I have been spending the last six months working up towards and now it’s the calm after the storm. Looking back over the past few months of prepping, and over the past few weeks of executing the plans I have learned so much and I know there are a ton of things I need to learn from as well.

I thought I would just reflect on some of those things as a young guy who is new to this whole leadership thing.

You cannot do it by yourself.

  • There is no way I could have done anything without the people on our team, the amazing volunteers, and my wife helping me along the way. Whether it was lending a helping hand, doing shopping runs, or just giving me encouraging words; it all helped. I can see how people won’t let their pride get in the way and not ask for help because it happened to me a few times and it came back to bite me. As leaders, being humble enough to ask for help does not make you weak but allows others to step up and become better themselves.

Your vision needs to be clear.

  • I have learned that what I see in my head is not necessarily what others see in their heads. I wish this was the case because it really would make things a lot easier. I have learned when it comes to casting vision on whatever you are leading, it needs to be clear and concise so those who are helping you reach your goal know exactly what to do. There were times in which I got frustrated because something was not carried out in the way I wanted it to but it always came back to me and how I explained it of what my vision was. I was not clear enough so ultimately, the mistake was on me.

What I deem as incredibly important, is only sort of important to others.

  • What I think is the most important thing and I don’t understand why another departments or ministries would not do anything and everything to bend over backwards for me to help me accomplish my goal baffled me. It took me a few times and a few conversations I wish I would have handled differently to realize that everyone else that works at the church has their own ministry and vision to carry out as well. The fact that they were even helping me and working with me to carry out mine was a great extra. I wish I would have realized this sooner. The moment I did, my patience shot up and I was able to communicate in an effective way with other departments to help me come up with planning, advertising in the church, printing out key leadership and curriculum pieces for volunteers that worked for the benefit of both departments. I feel next year, the relationships I built this year will only help me next year as I do this again.

Grace is key.

  • Because I know I couldn’t have done everything on my own and I had to rely on other people to help me carry out what I needed to do, there were mess ups and hick-ups along the way. Knowing that most of it was because I was not clear enough in communication not freaking out when mistakes happened and extended grace I know was huge. Extending grace on me as a leader because I can be a little hard on myself and on the people who were helping me because I know overall they are pouring out everything they have for the vision of small groups. Plus, we have been extended ultimate grace for our mistakes have we not? I just took note of things that I knew we can do better next year and hopefully avoid some pretty big mistakes we made this year.

I have some more, but I thin I’m going to make this a series of posts this week so stay tuned.