A youth worker named Roger Reid wrote in with some encouraging words for those that are considering jumping in on the Youth Pastor Diet: Season 4. We start in 5 days – game on!

I just want to say how proud I am of the Youth Pastor Diet that you are promoting! Good For you!

I have been a youth pastor for 20years and over the last 2.5 years I have decided to get back into shape. It was not easy! Actually it was very hard but wow is it ever rewarding. I am now 41 and in the best shape of my adult life, seriously just as my wife. I never thought I could achieve the goals that I am reaching. I get up every morning at 5:15am and workout, which is amazing for a person like me who did not like mornings! I even went and became a metabolic fitness instructor and now coach part time at a Boot camp while doing fulltime youth ministry and raising a family!

Why am I tell you all of this? Because we as youth pastors need to realize that we are role models for the students in our ministries and communities and being fat/out of shape is not what today’s students need to see in their leaders! I believe that a healthy ministry is seen and then realize and the first thing students see is how we look and take care of ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong, looks is not everything, I know that! However we can be healthy and do our best to promote healthy living both inside and out, if you know what I mean 😉

Over the last year I have made fitness apart of my ministry. While on retreats and trips I give students and leaders the choice to get up early and workout with me. I teach form, how to maximize their movements and what a great workout feels like…they enjoy it and even say how cool it is that their youth pastor is into fitness. I have to say being 41 and being able to keep up with, go farther and harder then most High School students is awesome and gives you respect that you can build on for the purpose of the Gospel…with me it all comes back to Jesus!

I have to say that getting in to shape as energise my passion for youth ministry and is going to keep me with students for a long time!

So to all youth leaders out there I dare you to put down that 4th slice of pizza, get up, get into a fitness program that will kick your butt and, show the students in your youth ministry that you to can make a change in your life as you encourage them to change their lives for Jesus…you can do this!

So what are you waiting for? Join now!