Recent research suggests that not Instagram, not Google+ and certainly not Twitter is teens’ most favorite social network, but YouTube. To be fair, the new and infamous Snapchat wasn’t included, but it’s unlikely this has risen to a competing level that quickly.



What surprises me about these findings, is that Google+ seems to outperform Twitter amongst teens. That is certainly news, as it hasn’t been that popular up till now. It does make me wonder how reliable these statistics are. In a recent post Jonathan McKee also pointed out the contradictory findings in this kind of research amongst young people.

If these stats are right, what would this mean for the social media strategy of our youth ministry, should we be heading towards YouTube?

Another very interesting answer showed up on the question when teens were online…church scored relatively high! That’s certainly food for thought…



What do you think about these figures, reliable or not?

(source: Buzzfeed)