Thanks to Kevin for sending me the link to this interesting story about youth workers volunteering in local high schools during lunch. Here’s a clip from KomoNews, head there for the rest:

As his voice quivered and his hands shook, youth pastor Danny Smith made his message clear: Kids mean a lot to him.

“I come here because I know that it’s important for every student to know that they each have value and a purpose,” he said.

Smith is one of three youth pastors who have volunteered at Bainbridge Island’s Woodward Middle School during lunch hours. Thursday night families packed the school district’s auxiliary room and more than 20 people spoke about the religious controversy.

“As a parent, I do want to know who my child has contact with throughout his day,” said Dawn Jano.

Some parents heard allegations from students that the pastors spoke about church and Christianity during lunch periods. The district recently launched an investigation into the matter, according to board president Mike Spence.

This has been a part of my ministry to students for years – but know it varies widely with each school system and region. How about you, should this be a big deal?