(here’s my first draft at an introduction)

An Introduction |understanding what’s crucial

Max, Marc, Morgan, Miller, and Mac.
One of my greatest hopes is that you would come to accept what is most crucial in this life: the care of your soul. The false paths of worldly achievement seem to be uncountable. Many strive for strength and find physical achievements. Many search for power and find influence. Many seek favor from others and find acceptance. Many spend their time accumulating and find possession.

All of these are empty and temporary. It’s your soul that will last forever. Tend to it and you’ll find its true design. As one who has gone before you, I ask that you trust me. You’ll discover an excitement that never fades, a significance that’s unmatchable, a confidence that’s unshakable, a hope that endures and a life that’s worth living. Consider the last 50 people you talked with: how many are happy, thrilled, excited with their lives? Everyone wants the good life, but so few seem to find it.

You won’t have to trust me for very long, for God’s faithfulness is fast and sure. Soon you’ll have your own proof in your own terms.

In the false paths, you’ll find only lies and deception, a fleeting and fickle happiness, self destruction and despair.

Jesus said that he came to give us a full and abundant life.

There are a thousand attributes to spiritual maturity. Each of us are strong in some, and weak in many. There are a thousand lessons to learn, and some you’ll learn quick and other will elude you into your eighty’s. All of this is to say that my lessons shall be of some use to you, but remember than my lessons are not your lessons.

Understand this: the deepest and most important spiritual realities are wordless. They defy description because they are intensely personal. Can you fully capture with words your mother’s love for you? You know it, you’ve experienced it, but the words fall short.

The weakness of words is not that that fall short for the author, but that the reader places too much upon them. He places too many assumptions upon them and these beget more assumptions like rabbits. These words aren’t your destination (it’s my hope that your destination is in Christ, and secure in Heaven.). These words are launch pads for your heart and mind, for the living out of your faith in a fallen world. These words are a footpath, they are warning signs, and in some places, they will be dead ends. Walk the path, but don’t stick to it. Ignore not the warnings, and perhaps you can learn without painful and personal experiences. Don’t be discouraged by the dead ends, for without them your faith and your god is very small.

To live is Christ, to die is gain.


Your father.