Ok: so I’ve been a horrible blogger this week. I haven’t even changed my theme…something I’ve been doing about once a week now for several week. So I was doing some thinking tonight (which I’ll probably post about later) and went off on a tangent and wrote a poem. NOW: I use the word poem lightly, because I don’t think I’ve written a poem since that haiku in ninth grade. Feel free to comment, positively or negatively… I probably shouldn’t post this, but what’s  blog for if you don’t embarrass yourself?


Knowledge of and
     knowledge how
Knowing always and
     knowing now

There’s no edge
     like a question
There’s no wedge
     like an answer

Beat back the hedge
     eyes looking inward
Assumptions abound
     lies forcing outward

What it is and
     how it works
But beneath it all
     but beneath it all

Somethings are always true
     most things are never true
Know the difference
     and time the timeless

Without a question
     you’ll find a void
Without a courage
    findings you’ll avoid

Knowledge of and
     knowledge how
Know the always and
     know the now