This week I’m going to post some of our best games from summer camp – or students are SO into Color Wars / team rec games and it is so much fun. Some of the games I’ll list this week are regulars that are so fun we bring them back every year, and some are brand new … and yet to cause permanent injuries.

Slip- Ball
Directions: (It’s a game of kickball on a slip and slide)

Place a GIANT plastic tarp on the ground. Find the biggest one you can find then find something twice as big. Or connect 3-4 of them together. This needs to be over the top. Place mini inflatable pools for bases and fill them with water. Cover it all in a thick layer of baby oil and water and go nuts. The ball should be some sort of inflatable ball, have several handy since a swift kick will pop it altogether.

  1. One team is in the outfield and one team is up to kick.
  2. Have the pitcher roll the ball and the kicker kick.
  3. If the person up to kick kicks the ball, they should start running the bases.
  4. If the ball is caught the kicker is out.
  5. The team in the outfield must get the ball and have 10 teammates line up behind them to get the person out.
  6. The kicker continues to run the bases until they reach home. If they reach home before the other team lines up then their team gets one point. If the other team gets lined up before the kicker reaches home, then the kicker is out. Alternate method:
  7. Continue this cycle until there are five outs then switch sides.
  8. Continue until people are sick of the game or there have been too many concussions.

Have fun with this one!