How to make your youth minstry budget stretch

As a Youth Worker you most likely have some amazing skills and superhero (did we say “stupid human”) tricks up your sleeves but a massive budget is not among them. Download Youth Ministry understands the challenges of working effectively within a restricted (or non-existent) budget.
Each month as a member, you receive eight new member resources. Some examples of past resources include:

Mental Health Handbook

The 10 Minute Rule (volunteer video)

The Shell Game (a member favorite)

In addition to the resources provided with membership, DYM wants to empower you financially – yes, financially! This is why the cost of membership is just $19.99 a month, and each month you receive a $20 store credit to spend on anything at the DYM store!

The DYM store provides effective resources on a wide variety of topics including leadership, curriculum, missions, holidays, and many more. With the low monthly cost, plus the store credit, the DYM membership is all about helping you win. The resources are tried and true (we call them “trench-tested”), making sure that every dollar you spend is well worth it. We strive for our resources to be as customizable as possible to make it easy for you to tweak to fit  your ministry context. The average price of a resource in our store is about $3 so your money will go far and your time will be just as well spent.

Staying at the forefront of the wild world of youth ministry leadership can be challenging but the membership provides you the tools you need to succeed. Take control of your youth ministry with the DYM membership to maximize your time and your budget, your students will thank you for it (JUST KIDDING… you know they will most likely never thank you… but your senior pastor might! hahaha well… that’s a long shot. But you can thank yourself with a mid-day nap because of all the time you will save).