There’s a fine line between ripe and rotten.

Bananas are finicky fruit. Peel one too early and it’s disgusting, bitter, hard to swallow and gross. Peel one too late, and the banana is disgusting mush, bruised, blackened, soggy. No thank you.

Youth workers. There’s a point just past ripe when you’re rotten. I’ve talked to literally hundreds of youth workers who left their church too late. Or maybe they were still there but too far gone. Spoiled. Even rotten.

What would it look like if you were keenly aware of the fruit of your ministry, and asked God to make it clear when it was time to go, before you were too far gone? 

We love our church. I’ve said we would attend there if I didn’t work there. And coming very soon, I won’t work at Saddleback anymore. Leave ripe, not rotten.