All good things must come to an end. And we probably haven’t said it enough while you have been serving so let me say it now — THANK YOU for all that you’ve done. You’ve changed lives and prepared students spiritually for adulthood. Since we can’t convince you to stay on for another season (and we can’t right?), here are a few ways you can leave right as one of our key leaders:

== Finish Out Your Commitment
We ask each of the small group leaders in our ministry to serve for a year at a time — we hope they re-up at the end of the year and come back for more, but it isn’t always the case. If you sense your commitment is about to change, do your best to serve out the rest of the school year if it is at all possible. There are times when this isn’t the right answer, in some instances leaving is actually better. Weigh out the options and if possible, finish the year strong.

== Communicate with the Small Group Leader/Coach
Don’t let you not coming back as a small group leader come as a surprise to the leadership of your student ministry. Let them know with ample warning they need to fill your spot in the coming year. You care most effectively for your students in this transition by giving the team time to search for a great small group leader to fill the big shoes you’re leaving behind.

== Support the Ministry from Afar
You know the mission and heart of the student ministry from first-hand experience. Use that passion and knowledge to encourage parents considering joining your church to be a part of the ministry. Use that knowledge to build up the perception of student ministry in your circles of influence inside and outside the church.

== Continue to Spread Goodwill about our Youth Group
Although you’ll no longer serve actively as a small group leader — you know personally the reward that it can bring into someone’s life. Be contagious and encourage others to fill the needs in our church and volunteer in student ministry.

Thanks again, you will be missed!