One of the biggest components of a healthy and effective youth ministry is exposure.  Without it you will struggle to get people involved and teens to show up.  While most of us know this it’s still a struggle to get the word out. 


The tendency is to build bigger and better events.  The problem is that they are not great long-term solutions.  Most events take a lot of time and resources. 

You need a plan that is going to consistently grow your ministry and give it the exposure it needs.  To increase the exposure of your youth ministry in your church and community you need to:


You can’t assume that your pastor and church leaders know everything going on.  There is a lot that happens in the life of a church, so take the time to inform them.  To engage your pastor:

  • Set up a regular time to check-in with them. 
  • Invite them to the events you plan.
  • Share with them articles, and resources that educate them on the next generation. 

When leadership is aware of the amazing things going on they’ll want to share it with others. 


The next generation is fully capable of serving alongside of adults.  Instead of creating “youth only programs” look at getting the teens involved in adult opportunities. 

Discuss this with your pastor and other members of staff.  Share with them how the next generation can bring a new level of energy and challenge older generations to grow.  Cast vision.


Most people will make assumptions about what it is you do.  When you engage with the adult congregation on the weekends you clarify the purpose and value of your ministry.

Introduce yourself to people on the weekend.  Let them know what it is you do and even invite them to check it out. 

If this is a challenge to do on your own, partner up with one of your volunteers.  Don’t shy away from this opportunity because it can have such a huge impact.

Gaining exposure and building a presence takes time.  If someone doesn’t know what you do, don’t grow frustrated; just explain it to him or her.  You are not only a leader of youth but also an advocate.  Go beyond the youth room and start sharing.

How are you getting the word out about your youth ministry?