It usually happens a few times everyday, but most of the time I’m comfortably numb and unaware of my irrational behavior and feelings.

At lunch today, I was telling a story about quitting football in college. As I was bringing the story to a close, I made the point: I asked the head coach, “so you’re asking me to play for a coach I don’t respect?” He said, “Yes.” I couldn’t do that, so I quit.

Looking back, if I was more patience with others and didn’t have such a problem with authority–if I could have learned that lesson–my life would have been easier in some ways.

At that point, Cathy Fields says to her daughter, “Yea, your father and I felt like Matt had a problem with authority.”

So, how do I respond? I’m thinking (which quickly makes it’s way to my face and my mouth),” I wouldn’t say I problem with authority…”

Actually, I did just said that. It was my whole point.
And someone agreed with me.
And I didn’t like it.

What is my problem?