Yesterday was the first day for me to hit the “pause button” in the last few months. I’m looking forward to being home for three weeks before I head out to speak at a conference in Korea. Today I slowed down long enough to do a little evaluating of my recent busyness.

When I take time to appraise my motives for why I’ve been busy, my findings often point me back to my long-term struggle with insecurities. When I say “yes” to others, it often comes packed with my desire be loved, valued, and accepted. I know enough about myself that my insecurities tend to fuel activity and busyness.

It’s a constant battle, because I know that busyness can either numb the noise of my insecurities or stimulate my desire for approval.

I’ve learned that when I’m tempted to say yes for human love, value or acceptance I try to say something like this, “God, I need the courage to say no and the wisdom to find my security in you? I know that your love for me isn’t attached to my performance, and it’s that love that I most need.”

Question: I’d love to hear your thoughts… Where does your insecurity reveal itself?