I’m feeling a little discouraged this week. I don’t know why. I think it is just because sometimes I feel like our ministry should be further along than where it is. I try to be faithful and keep rollinI was going to write something on working through discouragement in ministry, then I saw this from Louie Giglio this morning and instead of staying to write something, I’m just going to write what he wrote because it was EXACTLY what I feel like I needed to hear. Maybe it is what you need to here as well.

“Hello young leaders. What’s durable trumps what’s visible. So often we are tempted to go for what looks good over what is good. Conditioned by an instant culture, the approval of others and a climate of comparison, we can lose ourselves in the quest to be seen, when the goal is to be steady. Don’t get in too big a rush to tell the world what you know. Get to know the One who is unseen and walk with Him as if you really believe He is the best treasure of all. Work diligently toward the mission He calls you to, embracing the reality that what you do in secret will be rewarded in the open. Go from acceptance, not for acceptance. From approval, not for it. You’ll never lose by digging deep, staying true, not giving up, building character in the crucible of challenge, breathing in, hanging on and becoming more weighty below the surface than you are impressive about it. Stop waiting for the world to applaud your branches and keep asking for your Father to fortify your roots. Time proves character, reveals motives and confirming calling. Faithfulness always wins in the end.” – Louie Giglio

Wow. Dang. This spoke to me, I hope it does for you.