OK, I’m hooked on BLACK. I just found out that I’m on the last level of the game, but too beat to stay awake. The Memorial Day steak is marinating, the house is clean for company tomorrow, the kids are all asleep – the world is at peace. OK, I’ll savor the last bit of BLACK tomorrow. Really, aside from some minor quirks, this is truly an outstanding game.

+ The levels look incredible – great lighting
+ The particle effects (dust, sparks, fragments, chips) are absolutely beautiful
+ Grenades really whomp
+ Tons of different guns to choose from
+ The “focus” effect during reload should become standard on all games [the game goes out of focus except for the gun you are reloading. You really need to see it!]
+ Great explosions and fire
– RPG guys can be a bit cheap
– There’s only like 3 different enemies to kill
– Repetitive, repetitive, repetitive
– At best average cut scenes, and odd they are live-action, too
– Lots of cursing, especially near the end
– Menu system a bit too many layers