Creating vision is easier than sticking to it, at least for me it is. Now that our team is in a good routine, we have been looking at our vision statement, looking at our values, what we find important and taking a step back to make sure our actions support our vision and values. If it doesn’t match, we will have some work to do. 

How do you know if you’re doing things right? You need to know what your “right” is first. We want our team, our volunteers and students to know without a doubt what we are about and know without a doubt if they are doing what they need to be doing. Just as we have been going through some of our vision talks and getting on the same page, here are some basic starting thoughts to get you going. When it comes to setting vision, there are a few things that come to mind I think as leaders we need to keep in mind:

Have a Vision – If you do not have a vision or plan for the future of your ministry, I would get one. Knowing where you want to go is knowing what to pray for. I want to be constantly be pushing to where I believe God is leading our ministry and setting vision allows you to know if you get there.

Stick To Your Vision – If you been in prayer over the direction of your ministry and it lines with the values of your church, stick to it. Don’t apologize for it. People will always question the leaders decisions but if you have been going about it in a Godly way, they will never question your intentions behind the decisions. Stick to it. 

When You Get Off Track – Admit it. Redirect. In order to know that you are going off track you first need to acknowledge that you got off course. Sometimes we need to swallow our pride as leaders and take a good honest look at what you are doing and always point it back to the vision of your ministry. If it doesn’t match what you value, admit it and begin to redirect. It is the only way you are going to keep your purpose in line, your leaders with direction and your students understand why your program is there in the first place. And just so you know, it’s okay that you got off track, we all do as time goes, the important part is realizing it course correcting. It will only make you better.

As we are on the journey of re-doing our values and vision, I will for sure keep you updated and write through the process. I would highly encourage you to do the same thing with your volunteer team and students. I believe once you nail this down, it makes what you do (and what you ask your volunteers to do) a heck of a lot easier to communicate a win.


Justin Knowles