You ever watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on ABC? Ty Pennington runs around like a crazy man while local construction crews do ridiculous interior and exterior improvements on homes for less fortunate families and schools.

There’s always a person or family who is the “Star” of each episode. And usually they have an exceptionally heartbreaking or inspiring story. Then the Extreme Home Makeover bus pulls up and sends them on a vacation while their house gets completely remodeled and rebuilt.

My favorite part is when the family returns and the whole town comes out to watch as the new house in unveiled. I cry. Every. Single. Time.

What if you did that for your children’s pastor every once in a while—made him or her the “Star” of the show? You don’t have the time or resources to remodel their house, but you can do something that helps them. Start by asking yourself this question:

What is one thing I could do one time that would provide one huge boost for my children’s pastor?

Let’s break that down…

…One thing

…One time

…One huge boost

It needs to be something within your power. It needs to be something that you can pull off successfully. And it needs to be something that, after it’s completed, the children’s pastor will feel, as we call it in the church world, “blessed.”

You’re smarter than me, but here are five ideas to get your brain in motion: 

  1. Gather your students and improve or repair some part of the children’s area at your church.
  2. Have five or six of your students write the children’s pastor a note to thank him or her for working with kids, especially their siblings.
  3. Help your children’s pastor coordinate a big push to get more volunteers.
  4. Allow your student ministry to sponsor their summer VBS. Get your students involved. Make it part of your student ministry summer calendar.
  5. Put on a fundraiser to buy something special for the children’s department.

So what’s your one step? Do one thing to serve your children’s pastor.

Ben Crawshaw is a youth ministry thought leader, and a DYM resource author.