Guest post by Justin Curl

“You don’t cancel for the summer? But don’t your numbers drop?”

I hear this statement a lot. From youth pastors and parents. But to be honest I can’t find a good reason cancel. Sure giving my adults a break is important but we find other ways of doing that and I am more lenient in the summer months. But there is one major reason why I don’t cancel.

The students need a safe place.

There will be students who don’t have the luxury of going away on vacations in the summer. There will be students who have fights with mom and dad during the summer. There will be students who desperately need to hear that there is a God who loves them during the summer. I want to provide a place for those students. I don’t ever want to close the doors on those who need them to be open.

Now I don’t want to come across arrogant. As if I alone can save and provide comfort and healing to these students. But there is something that speaks volumes about consistency. In their ever changing world they need to know that some things won’t change.

What if our ministries modeled something bigger than ourselves?

What if we seized every opportunity to display characteristics of God through our ministries?

By having a consistent program that never changes, we are displaying a God who never changes.

I’m not saying this is the ONLY right way to do ministry. But it is a way that works. And there a a meaningful purpose behind it.

“But aren’t your numbers lower?”

Yes sometimes they are. Other times not as much. Students who are sitting at home want something fun to go do with their friends. Plus parents need a break from their children being home all week.

And so what if numbers are lower. I use this time to invest in the ones that are there. Some of the best relational ministry moments I have ever had have been in the summer.

No summer may just not work for you and your ministry. And that’s fine! I think the key is to be intentional about every program and event that you do. If you are doing things just to be doing things, then what’s the point.

Where are some areas in your ministry where God is on display? Where are some areas that you need to work on?