///GUEST POST: Five Things I Took Away from DYM100

GUEST POST: Five Things I Took Away from DYM100

Guest post by Allison Williams


  1. I was reminded that self care is fundamental. — At the conference, time was spent talking about Jesus’ work rhythms, avoiding burn out, and how to be the best partner and parent at home. I knew how fundamental our personal soul care was before DYM100, but it was wonderful to sit in a room with 100 peers and be allowed to discuss our individual struggles free of judgement.
  2. I was challenged. — Some innovative and out of the box thinkers encouraged us to think differently. Oftentimes, we clam up or get angry when someone has a different opinion than us, but this was not the case at DYM100. Everyone had respect for one another. The community atmosphere allowed us to have hard conversations, disagree, and still be able to laugh with one another ten minutes later. I haven’t had seismic shifts in my core values, but the other brothers and sisters in Christ that I encountered at DYM100 have definitely altered my approach. I brought home more love and more grace.
  3. I gained so many practical ideas and resources. — The three days of DYM100 was a little bit like drinking out of a firehose. Whether it was from the stage, in a side conversation, or by exploring other church campuses — ideas were everywhere. Six months out, I am just now feeling like I’m getting a handle on the reading list I assembled from speakers’ recommendations! Of course not every idea fits every context, but I think it would be impossible to leave DYM100 without your mind racing with small and large inspirations that could impact your ministry.
  4. I rested. — This sounds weird, because events are exhausting by nature, but this had a one had a different vibe. All the details were taken care of by the incredible DYM team. From the unbelievable housing to having coffee available at just the right moment, they seriously thought of everything. And while this east cost time zoner didn’t get a ton of sleep, my soul was allowed to rest and be rejuvenated at DYM100. I left feeling valued and encouraged — for me, that’s a better kind of rest than sleep any day!
  5. I gained a new piece of family. — I networked some at the event. That’s pretty natural, right? But the real shock to me was the communication I’ve had with other attendees since I’ve been home. We’ve swapped resources, encouraged one another, and prayed for each other’s situations. Ministry is lonely. It’s nice to have new people in my circle. Also, Doug, Josh and their entire team, made an effort to have personal connections and conversations with attendees. I’m not quite sure how they all managed to make 100 people feel at home, but they did and it made the event so special.

It feels cheap to call DYM100 a conference, it was more of a youth ministry family gathering. If you get the opportunity, please do not hesitate to go. But regardless, please pray for everyone that is a part of this event. Satan attacks where God moves and the Lord is absolutely moving in this ministry.

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Justin Knowles has been a pastor for the last 10 years and is the Student Ministries Pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in San Dimas, CA. He hosts Youth Ministry Hacks Podcast, loves to write about his ministry journey and teach at all sorts of camps or retreats. He and his wife Kristin have a son named Graham and a cat named CATalie Portman. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @justinknowles3

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  1. Jim Purtle March 2, 2017 at 10:21 am - Reply

    Good stuff. I took all five of those away as well.


    6. One of Doug’s towels!

    (…totally kidding)

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