When was the last time you just sat and dreamed about God?

I have a hard time remembering my dreams. In fact, I’m convinced I don’t even have any most nights. I’m not talking about that kind of dreaming, though. I want to know when you last allowed God to take over your mind and envision what He wants for you.

In our busy lives, it’s not always easy to make time for God, let alone have time to dream. Between our ministries, families, and fantasy football leagues, we often find ourselves reading less Bible and barely praying. The demands of ministry and life often leave us burning out too soon.

That’s why it’s important to find a place where you can dream.

I recently made a discovery in my own life. I already knew that I did not like being in the church office. In fact, many of us from DYM100 were talking about our shared aversion to office time. I did not, however, realize how much I enjoy driving around town. Although, when I look back at the times I get out of the office, I recognized that I am often driving.

For me, driving does something that going to a coffee shop or a local park does not. It takes me away from distractions. It gets me to put down my phone and computer. I can get incredibly distracted by devices, the internet, and games — sometimes worse than our students. There is always something there to grab my attention away from where it should be. Though, when I am driving, I can’t be on my phone, and that is when God starts speaking.

Lately, it has been about my future, what He wants to do through me, what he wants me to write about, and what I can do to grow as a disciple-maker. He also speaks to me about my marriage and how I can grow with my wife. Those are all things in which I want to excel, but I am often guilty of trying to do it on my own. In the car, though, I am forced to put down the phone and just dream (and drive carefully, of course).

Another place I go to seek God is the mountains or ocean. Both places do not have great cellular service, so again, I am forced to put the device away and just listen to God. As I sit in awe of God’s creation, I begin to hear His gentle whisper guiding my thoughts. It’s amazing what He reveals to you when you just give Him a chance.

Where is that place for you? Where are you able to just sit and let God speak to you? Some of you are more disciplined than me and can put the phone away when you are in the office or at a park. Others need times when you are forced to let go of the distractions. Wherever it is for you, make sure you regularly go there.

In the middle of our busy ministry lives, we cannot forget to dream!

Steve Cullum is the Student Minister at Rockingham Christian Church and a DYM member. Follow him on Twitter @stevecullum