Every Friday I like to post the list of actual Google searches that have led to the blog this week. Right now we’re about about 35% new visitors each week, so it’s fun seeing how people discover the blog. So here’s the list of actual searches, followed by a list of fictional ones I wish led people here:

Actual Google searches that led here this week
josh griffin
josh griffin blog
chris collinsworth
kingdom assignment
manning family commercial espn
manning family espn commercial
espn manning family commercial
joshua griffins myspace
brother yun visiting mi
espn commercial with the manning family
“still crazy after all these years” snl clip
saddleback church yun
emmy awards opening segment
carrie underwood “before he cheated” lyrics
grarls barkley
“i love staff meetings”
pastor lance witt left saddleback church
sterling sharpe nike commercial
pastor andy stanley psychology vs spirit driven
blog, matt mcgill, saddleback
chic-fil-a headquarters addres
davy jones + wireframes
joshua griffin
father of bride speeches
history channel “america eats”
“lark news”
tiger woods frank “from mom with love”
divinci sound home theater in a box reviews
effective youth ministry, fastest growing youth group
dennis bellesi
what happen to the crocodile hunter these weeked?
funny bulletin
ryan’s red carpet challenge
free starbucks iced grande drink
josh lakewood church
who is the founder of chic-fil-a
grarls barkley lyrics
truett cathy tithe reverse
jason pogue myspace
nike commercial sterling sharpe

Google searches I wish led here
Feedburner podcast stats
slice of life
blogging basics
world champion Michael Chang
sattelite churches
church of laodecia
manning vs. manning
I’m poor click google ads