Here’s volume 4 of the Google searches that have led people to my blog. If you’re new or morbidly curious, here’s Volume 1, 2, and 3. As always there’s some interesting ones, then I’ll also post a list of ones that I wish led people here, too. Enjoy!

Actual Google searches that led people here
internet korean volunteers 2006 in sri lanka
cat “red carpet challenge
“josh peters” saddleback church
Greg Stier pod cast
joshua treece missouri
gears of war exclusive faceplate
“jake rutenbar”
josh peters blog
bus 82, saddleback, hot guy
“looks like philip seymour hoffman”
laguna beach
famke jensen mtv movie awards dress 2006
baby leesa dog the bounty hunter
Youth Ministry funny Jesus Clips
rick warren adventure management
Sean Blakeney Saddleback Church
adventure management saddleback
“Mtumbe Chigumbura”
“ed horn” marantha bible baptist church
don’t believe everything on the internet

Google searches that I wish led people to my blog
yogi’s bowls and rolls
youth ministry balance
longevity in the church
group youth ministry conference
my dad is my hero
are the Angels cursed?
frustration in youth ministry
death to Playstation 3
Google Maps is the best
Church politics
youth ministry blog
youth ministry podcast
my lymph node is a bit swollen