Yes, as you should expect, it’s time for another list of the Google searches that led here this week. I’ve taken out many of the redundant ones from the past few weeks, in search of some unusual, popular or outrageous search words people put into Google that led them here. Here’s the latest (in order of usage, from most popular to least popular) since last Friday.

Actual Google searches that led here this week
lost party invitation
flannelgraph asbestos
washington post “on faith”
high school musical dance routines “with pictures”
dennis bellesi
church growth
signs you’re obsessed with lost
saddleback’s summer spectacular
youth ministry christmas skits
guideposts magazine
lesbian google video
workplace parody songs
christmas is a time to love lyric from psalty’s christmas calamity
doug fields crafting messages
campaign for real beauty (quicktime)
peter jackson
zune official page
mike lovato architecture
internet good or bad for youth
chic-fil-a tustin market
lyrics to i don’t belong by ricky treece
katharine mcphee smoker
history tradition “no shave november”
sabatticals for ministers
how to build a gonk droid costume
lamppost pizza franchise the numbers of franchisee in the whole usa
sermons walking in purtiy
pastor salary + saddleback church
religious action figures g4tv
flannelgraph lawsuits
dwight schrute’s speech
haggard bono aids
maranatha baptist bible college
how does bathing ape bape treat their workers?
employees at simply youth ministry
sweet volcom
fire cheetos
kurt johnston pastor wildside
billions spent on internet pronography
mike meeks eastlake church
star wars youth group games
i don’t believe that
patch the pirate

Google searches I wish led here
getting moved up to varsity
celebrity look-alikes
small companies are more agile
relationship builds revenue
who pastors the pastor?
Michigan wins big over Ohio State