I love creating teaching series and this fall in our High School Ministry we’re taking on a Jesus series based on a few of the times he said to “go” – I’m really excited about the 3 weeks this September! Here’s the arc of where we’re hoping to take students:

WEEK 1: “Go and Do Likewise”
Love God and love others. Those are Jesus’ two greatest commandments. Jesus calls us to show care and compassion to people like the story of the Good Samaritan. This weekend we will talk about how we can “Go and do likewise” in our families, in our schools and with our friends.

WEEK 2: “Go and Sin No More”
When we meet Jesus there is something that happens to us. There is transformation. Jesus meets a woman caught in sin and tells her to “Go, and sin no more.” What does it look like when we meet Jesus and we are dealing with sin? This weekend will help us look at how we handle it.

WEEK 3: “Go and Make Disciples”
Found people find people. When we meet Jesus, there is life change. Why wouldn’t we want the people around us to experience the same thing? Jesus calls us to go out and tell others about Him and about the incredible journey it is to walk with Him. Be a bringer!