desertThere is something worse than guilt: indifference.

We sin, and guilt is the response. Sin and guilt are inescapable while we’re in this broken life. Redemption enters our picture and brings health. Healthy things grow. When we’re not growing, something is wrong. Seems simple enough, but it isn’t.

We can ignore our guilt and get used to not growing. Redemption is poisoned by apathy and a new pattern is set: we get stuck in a spiritual rut. Stagnation becomes our habit.

Redemption can enter again and set things right. If you’re in a rut, you don’t need to keep banging your head against the wall. You can make a change. The question is simple: what are you going to do?

God will show up, no doubt about it. What is our responsibility when we’re stuck in the rut?

I have thought a lot about spiritual ruts. I’ve been a believer for 25 years, and I’ve gone through ruts both dark and deep. By the grace of God, I’ve heard his voice and made it back out. A few years ago I collected 12 principles that helped me climb out and move forward, I’ll post these over the next week or so.

My encouragement is that you’d take a moment after reading each one and reflect on the condition of your heart. Spend time in prayer. Write out what you’re thinking in a journal. The rut is powerful, consuming, lonely…but there is hope in Christ.

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