One of our DYM friends, Rob Terry, sent us this fun, free youth group game you might want to try out sometime soon:

I invented this game about 4 years ago and the kids seem to love it. It is called V.U.B. becasue it has parts of volleyball, ultimate frisbee and basketball all rolled into one. You play with a volleyball and it is usually played in a gym with basketball goals. If you don’t have a gym then you just make up two goals. The only way to score is to make a goal in the opponents basket. Below are the rules.

1. You cannot dribble the ball
2. The only way to get it down court/field is by passing it. (if the ball hits the ground it goes to the other team)
3. You can take three steps once you have the ball. (ultimate frisbee rule)
4. If you take a shot and miss then the ball goes to the other team.
5. Any kind of deflection which causes the ball not to be caught and the ball goes to the other team.

Sounds fun!