Kerry, the Community to Crowd pastor here at Saddleback Church, gave all of the venue pastors a new book last week – The Fred Factor.

It’s an easy read – I read it on the flight back from Dallas last week, maybe 50 pages. Basically it is the story of a USPS worker who went the extra mile for the author. It is about how your job, no matter how mundane it is or may appear on the surface, is actually critical to the success of the organization. And how your spirit and effort to go the extra mile makes all of the difference. The Postal Service doesn’t even know how good of a job Fred is doing, but the people on his route do.

What are you doing that is going the extra mile for your customers, for the people of your church, for a member of your family? Can you think of many times when you went WAY beyond expectation? For a parent? A student? For your spouse?

Good learnings for me never to do “just enough” to get by or stay under the radar.