One of the highlights of what I do is getting to hang out and work with my good friend Duffy Robbins. Duffy is a youth ministry legend and one of the most influential voices in today’s youth ministry space! He’s very smart, an incredible teacher/communicator, and a man of God.

Last weekend Duffy and I were in Orlando doing a Speaking To Teenagers Seminar, and while we were there I recorded Duffy expressing some of his oddities. He is very funny, but very quirky when it comes to travel and food and I thought some of you would find it funny. So this week I’m going to have “Duffy Week” on my blog (stolen from the Shark Week concept—ala Discovery Channel). Today is the only day that I’m putting the video into a blog post (the next several days I’ll post them on the right hand side of my blog and youtube).

This video has Duffy giving a travel tip of what he does when he boards a plane. You will be tempted to think Duffy is kidding, but he’s being serious (and, it’s seriously weird). So, enjoy the video:

In addition to laughing and playing together, Duffy and I also had a great day of thinking more about our Speaking To Teenagers seminar. We made some decisions that we’re going to expand this in two very different ways:

1. We’re going to investigate doing something deeper with a smaller venue (20 people max) and spend 2 days together really exploring speaking, message development, and then take time for group critique. It will be more expensive than our normal Speaking to Teenagers seminar, but it will be a lot more helpful too.

2. We’re also going to add a seminar for parents and youth workers on helping teenagers “develop a faith that lasts”. We’re excited about creating an opportunity for parents/youth workers to learn together. We’re looking to roll it out in the fall.

What do you think of Duffy’s travel tip?