This weekend we went to a great wedding for some friends of ours, and my wife and I got a chance to spend some nice time together celebrating our 10 years together, too.

It was the first real wedding since our daughter was born, so when the father of the bride came up to give his toast about his baby daughter, it struck a new chord deep inside me. As he spoke of how he was changing her diaper what seemed like yesterday, I was thinking I was changing my daughter’s diaper yesterday. As he spoke of all of the memories they had in his reflection, I thought of how we were making those memories today.

So I had a thought … maybe every wedding I go to from now until my daughters I’ll write her a short note. At the end of the next 20-25 marriages, I think I’ll have a pretty good speech written. Not sure how it will all work out, but hopefully it will become one of the most meaningful moments in our relationship.

Maybe this will be the opening to the speech …