Courtesy of libertygrace0/CreativeCommons LIcense Courtesy of libertygrace0/CreativeCommons LIcense

This is the time of year when we start looking at the fall. Granted summer has even started; however, it’s important for us to get ahead in order to be effective by fall. One of those areas to be effective is recruiting volunteers.

Whether you have turnover or just a growing ministry it’s important to stay on top of recruiting. While there are hundreds of ways to recruit volunteers, it’s important to know which methods are most effective. A few of those methods (from least to most effective) are:

  • Utilizing Technology: Create a video or design a template to make your invitation attractive. Email it out, post it on Facebook or post the video on your website. The most important step is making sure people know what you want them to know and what you want them to do. While it might not be the most effective you’ll hit your biggest audience.
  • Preaching It From The Pulpit: The person with the most clout in your church is the pastor. Ask him to make an announcement or weave into his message your need for volunteers. When he speaks he’s able to reach an audience you might not have had access too. On top of it he’ll be validating your ministry. This might be a challenge, depending on the relationship you have with your pastor. That is why you need to start the conversation now and help him see the importance of his platform.
  • Advocating On The Weekend: Your presence on the weekend matters. Spend time between services meeting people and forming relationships. Over time you may discover people with unique talents who will be great for your ministry. Your presence will help put a face to your ministry. Even if you are not successful in recruiting, you will at least give your ministry more of a presence in the church.
  • Personal Invite: Do not let the burden of finding volunteers fall on your shoulders alone. Encourage your current team to think of people they can invite into ministry. Not only will people know who to ask, they’ll know how to ask. When you have that type of focus you’ll find more success. The highest level of effectiveness comes from a personal invitation.

By knowing what’s most effective you’ll know where to pour most of your energy. Casting vision to your current team should take priority over the amount of stress you’ll expel on an email. While what you craft in an electronic invite is important, the payoff will not nearly be as high. Prioritize your methods so that you can be effective when it comes to recruiting volunteers.

Do you agree with this list? Would you add any other effective methods?