It’s a text I have been texting our team as a response lately. This word is something our leadership has instilled in us to embrace. I always knew this word was a important but I understand it even more in this season. Effective leadership requires agility because if you are not agile you can miss out on great decisions and opportunities to take new ground. Doesn’t mean be hasty and make dumb choices but it doesn’t mean take your time and be left behind. Lack of agility allows us to fall into the trap of “Well we have always done it this way”. Effective leadership needs agility because it allows you to shift directions on dime without skipping a beat.

Like we had to when COVID hit. In 2 days we became an online ministry. I became the online youth pastor. The whole team became YouTube content creators and Zoom experts. And did it fast and nothing seems to miss. There were fixes of course but agility let’s you move and adjust. If you are not able to bend you break.

Effective leadership needs agility because it allows you to be more innovative and move with the needs. There are lots of things coming out of this season needing to be agile that have worked really well and we are going to keep doing it and make it better. Filming YouTube content for the month with our team in one day, social media overhaul and rebrand how we structure our services because everything had to be stripped down. This season shows what was good in our ministry but exposed what needs work and being agile allows you to fly the plane while you are building it.

I’m grateful for our leadership who lives it out and models it. Thankful to work with @sandalsyouth (pictured above) who make it look easy, when it can be tough to move like it. They have been so agile in this season and our students and our Lord have seen the fruit.

Be agile. From what I have experienced, the best leaders are.