Thankful: 2 Free Bible-based Lessons from LeaderTreks

There are many reasons to focus on thankfulness, outside of the obvious holiday coming up. Thankfulness is an important sign of a rooted Christ-follower. It’s a sign that we understand that our life is not our own. It means our perspective isn’t muddled by the endless cultural messages of what we deserve and what we should have. In fact a lack of thankfulness is one of the first road signs you pass when wandering away from God (Rom. 1:21).

So even though we’ve been reminded to say “thanks” since we first learned how to talk, and have probably seen a number of singing vegetables and flannel graphs (for those of us with a few more years) on the subject, we can still easily miss the mark and forget to be grateful.

Take advantage of this Thanksgiving season and help your students gain a perspective of thankfulness in their lives. These two free Bible-based lessons from LeaderTreks will go deeper than just another reminder to say “thanks.” Through (not-so-cheesy) activities, Bible studies, and thoughtful discussion questions, students will start down the road of changing their perspective to see their life as not their own, but God’s. Now that’s something to be thankful for.

You can download these free lessons HERE

I hope these lessons work well for you and bless your ministry.

Doug Franklin