WINNER: During our last DYM MEMBER CONTEST we asked you to send us your best Church Van story. Several good ones, but this had to be the winner. Congrats to Tim Medley from Childress, TX

“It was one of my first trips with my current youth group, about 7 years ago. We were heading to a fall retreat, and because of our numbers, we had to take all our vans, even the one that didn’t run very well. A little over an hour into the trip, our old blue van catches fire and the driver was forced to pull over. We were in the middle of no where in the Texas panhandle and the only place to pull over when the fire began was in front of a XXX store. So there we were, 5 First Baptist Church vans with 60 students parked at a XXX store. We had to leave the van in the parking lot and our pastor quickly got it towed. I can only imagine what people thought when they drove by and saw our church van parked there.”