Have you ever drank Ethos Water? I’ve had it a few times, you can get it at Starbucks around the country for $1.80 a bottle. Part of the hook is that every time you buy a bottle, they send some money all over the world so people can have fresh drinking water. Kinda like Robin Hood, but over water, and without all of the arrows and stuff.

So we take from the rich and give to the poor. Great concept, and apparently a strong business model. Reading the back of the label, for every $1.80 I spend … only $.05 goes to African wells. Where the heck is the rest of my money? This isn’t premium water, I can get aquafina for $1 or Arrowhead for $.80. I can get that Great Value from Wal-Mart for like $.20 – Wal-Mart’s so cheap they’ll probably pay me to drink it.

Seriously. $.05. Come on. Never again, Starbucks.

Ethos Water is shady. I think I’m going to start selling apples for $1.80 each, then sending a penny to people who can’t get apples. And I’ll base my marketing all around this concept, cashing in on the high priced apples so people have a token bit of generosity so they feel like they did something. Wait a minute, I bet Ethos Apples are already on the market. Grrr…

“…$1.80 for a bottle water and 5 cents to the poor country? Why don’t you drink water out of a fountain and give $1.80 to the poor country?” –Jay Leno